Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anjan Dutta shakes hands with commercial cinema

Jun 5, 2013:--

Award-winning filmmaker Anjan Dutta says he has grown tired of directing urban-centric films, mainly on the yuppie generation, and now wants to make movies that the rural and semi-urban audience like.

Starting with his next project \"Ganesh Talkies\", his films will henceforth deal with the lives of ordinary people -- their romance, triumphs, tragedies and failures, says Anjan. Terming his previous film \"Dutta vs Dutta\" as very close to his heart, but a \'flop\' in terms of audience response, Anjan says, \"I needed to reinvent myself.\"

\"I wish to reach out to as many people as possible. I need to use the idiom in which common people communicate before I quit the scene,\" said the National-award-winning director.

Despairing at the untimely death of his friend Rituparno Ghosh, Anjan said if he was \"lucky enough\" to be around for a couple of more years, he would rather direct popular films with big stars, but not without putting his own stamp on the product. Admitting that it calls for some efforts to make a \'masala\' film with an Anjan Dutta touch, the filmmaker said, \"I had to exert myself in the pre-production phase of \"Ganesh Talkies\" by watching a whole lot of films ranging from Tapan Sinha to Raj Chakroborty.

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