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Shahid Kapoor\'s injury not minor


May 04, 201

The fire accident on the sets of Pra hudheva\'s Rambo Rajkumar earlier this week here was not as minor as it is being made out to be. Shahid Kapoor is said to have got burn injuries on his back and hand, and he would need some time to recover fully. \"We were shooting a fire sequence when

the chemical used to create the fire went awry. It singed Shahid\'s shoulder and hand. It could\'ve been worse. Thankfully nothing serious happened,\" said a source close to the film.

Meanwhile, the stunts in Rambo Rajkumar are getting more and more dare-devilish as Pra bhudheva wants them to be one-up on what Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar did in Wanted and Rowdy Rathore, respectively.

\"When Shahid decided to do his first action film, he had to make sure the stunts were of the never-before variety. That\'s why he waited so long to do an action film and even opted out of his friend Siddharth Anand\'s Bang Bang,\" said the source.

The source said: \"But then somewhere down the line Shahid preferred Prabhu\'s project as his first attempt at the action genre. Bang Bang is a remake of a Tom Cruise actioner Knight and Day and Shahid didn\'t want his stunts to be compared with Cruise. Rambo Rajkumar is an original.\"

\"We\'re going to Australia for a holiday. During my vacation with my kids, I\'ll also unveil the first look of Girish Taurani\'s debut film Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya,\" he said

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