Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shah Rukh\'s \'shower dance\' in Chennai

May 15, 2013,

Contrary to reports that Shah Rukh Khan danced for Kamal Haasan at a party thrown in Chennai in honour of the former on Sunday night, Shah Rukh danced for the entire congregation of who's who from the Tamil film industry at the party.

Says Kamal Haasan, "He danced wonderfully on stage and it looked like he had come out of the bath and forgotten to dry." The truth behind SRK's wet and wild look was the air conditioning at the posh luxury hotel had conked off. Says Kamal, "It was every celebrity's worst nightmare come true. The air-conditioning at the hotel broke down. We were all left simmering in the heat. Shah Rukh was fully and formally dressed in a suit for the occasion. His condition in the heat was indescribable. But look at this entertainer! He pulled off his coat, jumped on to the stage and danced, although he dripped sweat like he had just had a bath."

Shah Rukh, we are told, was pretty much completely drained out and on the verge of dehydration after his sweat-soaked performance. "But he didn't care. It was just ShahRukh saab (that's what Kamal Haasan calls his junior colleague) and the stage. He is a natural-born entertainer," says Kamal Haasan. Both share a mutual admiration society from the time they worked together in Hey Ram (in 2000) when SRK had refused to charge any money for the film claiming that the honour of working with the great Kamal Haasan was reward enough. Says Kamal, "Shah Rukh is a true Pathan. A man of his word. I owe him a big favour."

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