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Ludhiana: 10/05/2013

More than 600 Small Shopkeepers on Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana are facing nightmare due to absolute prohibition of parking of vehicle of Shopkeepers or their Customers by the MCL and Punjab police in name of orders by High Court. The Local Associations of Shopkeepers like "Bharat nagar chowk""Aarti Chowk" and "Aggar Nagar" Shopkeepers Associations in a joint meeting held today resolved to fight back this in justice with them. To register a protest and to stop these anti Shopkeeper Campaign by the Authorities, they have jointly given a call to keep close their shops on 14th of May 2013.

The Shopkeepers are very much perturbed that local authorities are prohibiting them to park their vehicle in constructed parking areas in spite of the fact that no hindrance is caused in the flow of traffic on the road or the alleged service lane. The customers to these shops are harassed by challan or deflating their vehicles.

The sale has fallen drastically in these shop and they are a worried lot how to sustain lining. They feel on the verge of ruin. Shopkeepers have never been made a party.

They were all unaware of adverse orders passed in the matter. They could never put up their side of the case. They were unaware of the L.C in the case and as such could not make the L.C tell their side of the story.

They could not put up their case before commission.

Some deputations of shopkeepers have already visited the office of the local authorities like MCL and Police commissioner But they were not entertained and advised that they should hire some advocate and go to court .How a small shopkeeper can bear the expenditure of advocates in high court.

Shopkeepers want immediate stopping of this highhandedness and let them do the business in peace. Shopkeepers want that expenses should be met by the government. They also want that compensation for the loss caused be given in the meantime .

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