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New Intel processor means thinner, lighter computers

May 14, 2013,Hyderabad:-

Intel, the chip giant, believes its new fourth-generation Haswell core processor will change the dynamics of ultrabooks and laptops because of ultra low power usage.

The code name for fourth-generation Intel architecture that will be launched in a month or so, Haswell embeds circuitry using an unbelievably small 22 nanometre technology.

For perspective, a nanometer is a billionth of a metre or one thousand millionth of a metre.

"We have come a long way in terms of technology. The fourth generation architecture would have significant impact on the graphics and visual performance. The gadgets that are available today use about 150-200-watt energy. Even a laptop would use about 17 watt and the new Intel core processor would be for less than 10 watt energy consumption," said Jitendra Chahhah, director of strategy and planning, Intel India.

According to him, in most of the hardware devices, internal fans have already been dispensed with. "The new processor would not require a fan at all since the energy consumption is less than 10 watt. With this, the hardware would get further thinner bringing down the total weight and also affecting the form factor," he explained.

While Intel expects laptops and PCs to get reinvented with an improved functionality, the company is also eyeing the Indian hardware makers for building the OEM network. The company last year tied up with Lava for providing the processors to its mobiles and it was said to be the first phone to get launched with Intel processor.

"The PC penetration in India is still low compared to the other among the BRIC nations. However, we are hopeful of the situation to improve with the national optic fibre network getting spread across the country and the government too targeting to have at least one e-literate per family in a decade. The National Digital Literacy Mission is also focusing on training adults and youth on computing, he said.

Intel in India is currently working on a nationwide integrated campaign to increase the relevance and demand of personal computing devices and drive domestic adoption of technology.

For this campaign, nine PC manufacturers, four telecom service providers and two electronic retail chains have been roped in to provide attractive deals to the consumers.

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