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With the rise in temperature in May, the home science experts of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have impressed upon the residents to keep home environment cool and clean, maintain personal hygiene, and take care of clothes, health and diet of children and family members as well.

An expert, Dr Kiran Grover emphasized on following five keys to food safety, given by World Health Organization (WHO), which include keeping utensils and environment clean, maintaining personal hygiene, handling raw and cooked food separately, cooking thoroughly, keeping food at a safe temperature, and using safe water and raw material.

Referring to home cleaning, Dr Surinderjit Kaur suggested, "To keep away flies, wipe light fittings, bulbs, switches, channels, grooves, etc., with castor oil as it is good deterrent for flies. For keeping the cockroaches away, pour a jug of boiled water and a cup of kerosene oil in all the drains in the house at least once a week at night." Use phenyl or salt in water for mopping the floors, she told, while advising to use thick curtains of dark colour to avoid direct sunrays and to keep the room cool.

About the selection and care of clothes, Dr Harinder Saggu asked the public to wear only soft, light coloured cotton clothes in summers as they absorb sweat and keep the body cool. "Wash white cotton clothes in warm water and use white vinegar to remove sweat stains from the garments," said she, while suggesting washing coloured clothes with mild soap/detergent and drying them in shade. She further advised, "To deodorize smelly shoes, sprinkle 2-3 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate into the shoes and let it stay overnight. Shake out the powder in the morning before using these. To remove stains from white sandals, wipe these with a ball of cotton dipped in acetone."

Laying stress on the care of children, Dr Sukhminder Kaur emphasized on giving plenty of fluid to them. As the use of unhygienic water leads to stomach infection, serve the children with clean and safe drinking water, she told, while suggesting cleaning the feeding bottles of the infants too. Advising the parents not to allow children to eat food from the street vendors, she said that always prepare a variety of fresh food at home. Those children who walk to school should use an umbrella to avoid heat stroke, she added.

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