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Kangana Ranaut: My mother would have married me off at 16

May 09, 2013(Mumbai)

Kangana with her mother Asha at an event. Actress Kangana Ranaut has revealed that if her mother had her way she would have got her married at the age of 16.

\"My mother wanted me to get married at 16. She felt that was the right age. This (marriage) was a talking point at my home. They keep talking about it. In fact my brother is 22 years old and my mother feels his age of marriage has passed,\" Kangana said at \'Thank You Mom\' event here.

When asked if she would go for a love or an arranged marriage, Kangana refused to answer.

Kangana\'s mother Asha who was accompanying her at the event was all praise for her.

\"She is very dedicated and hardworking since childhood. She has achieved success here (films) on her own, without any godfather. I am very much happy with her achievements. We have faith in her that she would reach more ahead in her career,\" Asha said.

During the candid chat, Kangana said that her mother would beat her with broom because she was a very naughty girl.

\"My mom has taught me everything right from cooking to cleaning work...So if not an actor, my career was otherwise set..,\" she said.

On the initiative, Kangana said it was imperative to show sensitivity towards one\'s mother and try to fulfil her dreams.

The event also saw actress Shraddha Kapoor accompanied by her mother Shivangi and director Abhishek Kapoor by his mother Madhubala.

\"Mothers always focus on their kids. I have brought a lot of disappointments to her but her love has remained same. I wish I could do all those things that she did for me\", Abhishek said.

Recollecting some of the moments, Shraddha said her mother has been taking very good care of her right from what she likes to eat and running behind her for all the little things.

All three of them tried to take their mothers down the memory lane and brought forward their hobbies.

While Kangana brought few plants along with her as her mother loves gardening, Shraddha got drums and a guitar as her mother likes singing and Abhishek a canvas as painting is the hobby of his mother

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