Monday, May 6, 2013

In UK, brinjal that looks like Ganesha draws scores

May 6, 2013,


A house of a businessman in London has become a pilgrim centre with people flocking there to worship an aubergine that looks like the face of elephant deity Ganesha.

The businessman, Praful Visram (61) runs a catering business in Leicester. He said the Hindu gods blessed him and he is honouring their wishes by putting the eggplant on display.

He said, \"My wife Rekha saw it and recognized the similarity with Ganpati Bappa - Lord Ganesha. We immediately placed it with reverence in the temple at work. It has been a blessing for us and I hope will bring us luck and prosperity. This has been sent to us and we shall treat this with the respect it deserves.\" Visram discovered the aubergine in a box of vegetables, the Sun newspaper said.

Hindu Chodai, who runs a company called Khushi Foods, said the resemblance to Lord Ganesha - the Hindu god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune - was remarkable. He said, \"As soon as I heard about the aubergine I had to see it for myself. It is indeed a blessing for all of us.\" \"I am hoping it will bring prosperity to all who pray there. I have prayed there a few times and all of my family has come along to pray, too,\" he added

Visram said that he and his family along with staff members have been praying to the vegetable twice a day.
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