Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guys don\'t like girls who are too made up: Alia Bhatt

May 8, 2013,

At a recent event where Alia Bhatt was the brand ambassador for a make up brand, the tiny actress shared some of her beauty tips.

She also spoke about her personal preferences when it came to make up.

\"You can\'t wear make up all the time and cliche as it sounds, I like to keep it simple. Make up does not change your looks, it enhances the features and adds to your existing beauty. Personally, I love red lipstick and Kajal as it makes your eyes look beautiful. It\'s also important to smell nice all the time so perfume is an integral to me,\" said Alia.

Further adding, \"Guys don\'t like girls who are too made up. They like girls who are normal and who they can have a conversation with.\"
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