Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glimpses of the India Story\': Government launches ad campaign

14-05-2013,New Delhi:-

With an eye on the general elections scheduled to be held next year, the UPA government has unveiled a series of audio-visual clips as a part of its multimedia campaign to highlight its achievements and showcase the impact of its policies in the last nine years.

Information and Broadcasting minister Manish Tewari said that the initiative, \'Glimpses of the India Story\', was different from the NDA\'s \'India Shining\' campaign, which was launched by the BJP-led government ahead of the 2004 general elections.

\"This is not \'India Shining\' but the actual story of India that we are trying to present to you through these 12-13 spots,\" Mr Tewari said.

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\"These initiatives would place in perspective the government\'s journey for promoting cohesion and compassion through equitable growth and social inclusion which has permeated across all sections of society,\" he added.

Reacting to the corruption scandals, which have marred the UPA\'s second term at the Centre, Mr Tewari said that the Congress-led government has always taken action anyone who has faced allegations of corruption, adding, the same promptness was not shown by the BJP in Karnataka.

The campaign was launched after an action-packed week for the Congress which regained power in Karnataka, ousting the only BJP government in southern India, and saw resignations of two if its senior ministers - Law Minister Ashwani Kumar and Railway Minister Pawan Bansal - both smeared by scandals.

Speaking about the UPA\'s latest campaign, the minister said that it was only a small glimpse of the silent revolution that had taken place during the UPA regime where the people were being empowered through a rights-based institutional structure.

Officials said that the audio video clips that have been directed by filmmaker Pradip Sarkar would start playing in cinema halls and TV channels in a few days.

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