Tuesday, April 2, 2013



A discussion on the new play 'Tasveer Da Teeja Pasa' (Third side of the picture) by a renowned Punjabi playwright, Dr. Atamjit was held at Punjabi Bhawan. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Atamjit shared that the play focuses on the major national and international events concerning women and that it is a creative expression of the involved sensitivities. Dr. Harish Puri and Amarjit Grewal described the play as forceful and bold that transform its characters to the minuscule. The Punjabi Sahit Academy President, Prof. Gurbhajan Singh Gill said that the play touches the subject with precision and congratulated Dr. Atamjit for being realistic in his expression. He said that since ages our peers and seers have asked people to the respectful women folk. He mentioned Guru Nanak Dev and Shah Mohamad in the context of meting out the well deserved respect to women. Famous Urdu poet Sardar Panchi appreciated the flavour of respect and honour to women that the play has imbibed through effective Urdu verses and ideoms. Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Professor Niranjan Tasneem and Dr. Nirmal Jaura while appreciating the efforts, congratulated Dr. Atamjit for a better projection of the need for respect to the women folk that comprises nearly half of our contemporary society. Others who spoke about the play included Manjinder Dhanoa, Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur Gill, and Dr. Surinder Kaur Bhathal.

On this occasion, a newly published book, 'Narivad ate Punjabi Natak' (Feminism and Punjabi Plays) by Dr. Surinder Kaur Bhathal was released. Dr. Atamjit appreciated the analytical treatment that has been provided to women hood in the book. Prof. Gurbhajan Gill lamented that every body was speaking of the glory of women hood but no concrete steps are being taken to disburse respect to women. He referring to current happening in New Delhi said that the male chauvinistic attitude has brought disgrace to the entire society. He said that it was the duty of all right thinking people in general and writers in particular to endeavor creating better social conditions for the well being of women. Dr. Bhathal shared her thoughts that prompted her to write the book. She said that it will be beneficial for the students, researchers and theater workers, at large.
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