Thursday, April 25, 2013

WB chit fund scam: Nalini Chidambaram is innocent, says her client

New Delhi: As Saradha group promoter Sudipta Sen and the Trinamool Congress drag Finance Minister P Chidambaram\'s lawyer wife Nalini in the chit fund scam, her client Manoranjana Sinh has stepped in to defend her. In a video message on YouTube, she said Nalini advised her and her husband against accepting Saradha funds for her channel.

\"Mr Sudipta Sen according to me is a white collar criminal who is trying to creat a smoke screen to confuse people by taking all kinds of names and misrepresenting facts in hope that it will divert the attention from the main crime that he has committed. He claims that he was pressured by Mrs Chidambaram to invest in this project. The whole idea is to show her in poor light as she happens to be the wife of a senior UPA minister. This letter that he is written now is completely baseless untrue and done with a delibrate motive to shift the blame from himself,\" Manoranjana said.

Nalini Chidambaram was engaged as a senior advocate to appear on behalf of Manoranjana Sinh and her husband and a Narasimha Rao government minister Matang Sinh in a company petition filed by her before the company law board against M/4 Positive TV Ltd, sources close to the Union Minister\'s wife have said. The case is still pending before the Company Law Board.

Manoranjana Sinh said Nalini advised her and her husband against accepting Saradha funds for her channel.

Sources say Nalini represented and advised Manoranjana in her professional capacity and the Saradha group of companies proposed to invest in the company of Manoranjana. This came after Saradha group promoter Sudipta Sen\'s letter to the Central Bureau of Investigation pointed fingers at Nalini.

The letter mentions Nalini Chidambaram, who was the lawyer for a deal between Sudipta Sen and the Narasimha Rao government minister Matang Sinh and his wife Manoranjana Sinh to buy a channel in the Northeast. The TMC is planning to raise in Parliament the issue of Congress leaders named in Sudipta Sen\'s letter not being questioned.
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