Sunday, April 21, 2013

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The whole history and activities of the CPI during freedom struggle and in the post-independence India amply proves party's role in national building on self dependent lines in collaboration with other developing countries. CPI was the first to raise the slogan of complete independence from the British and for a sovereign state. After freedom the CPI proposed a concrete program of national reconstruction aimed at attaining self-reliance, economic strengthening and building powerful economy based on public sector. For this party waged struggle for nationalization of banks, coal, oil, steel and railway. At the same time CPI favoured creating a strong democratic political structure to enable people to participate in country's processes of transformations.

These views were expressed the well-known Marxist theoretician Anil Rajimwale at seminar organized by the Communist Party of India on "The Role of the Communist Party in the Development of India" held on the eve of the birthday of Validimir Ilych Lenin (22 April), the architect of first socialist revolution. The day is being widely celebrated all over the country and the world by the democratically-minded people and meetings, seminars and discussions are being held.

India's economic development supported by the then Soviet Union helped many developing countries for their economic progress. This became the basis of non aligned movement of which India became the forerunner with our Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru as the main leader of the NAM.

In the first Lok Sabha Election the CPI became the major opposition party. Com Namboodripad became the first Communist Chief Minister of Kerala followed by Com Achhutanmenon.

The Communist Party of India was quite clear that the public sector had to be the axis or the fulcrum around which other sectors of economy had to be built including the small scale sector. The CPI forced government to introduce restrictive laws on the big monopoly hoses. In addition party waged relentless struggle against the communal, parochial, castiest and narrow regional forces.

The party continuously struggle for the uplift, equity and justice of the common people. In the present day period when all the above policies have been reversed by the successive four governments at the centre, CPI is forthright in waging struggle against the neoliberal policies which have excluded vast majority of our population from the gains of economic development. Party is outspoken against the increasing crminalisation and use of money power in politics. Party is out rightly opposing the imperialists intervention in our country's day to day affairs. Speaking on the occasion Com Kartar Singh Bowani - Distt. Secretary called upon the comrades to take the party down to the common man. Others who actively participated in the event Dr Arun Mitra, Com Ramesh Rattan, Com O P Mehta, Com Gulzar Goria, Com D P Maur, Com Gurnam Gill, Com Gurnam Sidhu, Com Mewa Singh along with over 300 comrades.

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