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Ludhiana- 08.04.2013

We regret to know that the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission and Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd announced hike in power tariff by 12.50% to meet the demands of the electricity .such a recommendation is an indirect admission of failure of the govt. To honor it's often repeated words to make the state power surplus.

Sh. Gurmeet Singh Kular President United Cycle & Parts Manufacturers Association strongly opposed the hike in power tariff announced by the PSERC & PSPCL by informing that Industry is already in financial crunch and has to countenance various problems; the hike in power tariff will further debilitate the production, squeeze the liquidity and throw it out of competition in the national & international field. The better option for the govt. will be to reduce the transmission losses & cases of power theft.

As the industry is already in crisis due to the UN co-operative attitude of the Govt and on the other hand this hike in prices is an additional burden for the industry & common man as well as due to the hike in prices automatically will increase the price of the products.

As electricity is the raw material for the machineries and as we all are aware that the machineries, we import are power driven and this hike will give birth to price hike of products which will not be in favour of the industry and the consumers as well. Bicycle Industry is the second largest industry in the state. It can be compared to a hen which laid golden eggs. Please take pity on this industry and prevent those out to assassinate it in the unlikely hope to get all the golden eggs at one stroke.

We therefore request to the Punjab Government to prevail upon the articulators of this idea of hiking power tariff to put a stop to this move so that the industry may heave a sigh of relief & work for building a better Punjab. The industry will remain indebted to the Punjab Govt. for given relief to the industry in shape of withdrawn from this hike of Power Tariff.

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