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The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics (PBG) of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) today organized a lecture on the topic entitled, "Hybrid Technology: A Way Forward to Meet 21st Century Plant Breeding and Genetics Changelings." Dr S.K. Vasal, Maize Scientist, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), Mexico, delivered the talk. Dr S.S. Gosal, Director of Research, PAU, Dr R.K. Ghumber, Head, PBG, and the faculty and the postgraduate students of PBG department attended the lecture.

In his talk, Dr Vasal referred to the plant breeding technologies and strategies. He said that the successful technologies of the past and the future include plant ideotype, reduction in plant stature, no till agriculture, farm mechanization, post-harvest handling and packaging, and diversity of herbicides to tackle weeds. About the crops under hybrid technology, he observed that their number was constantly increasing. Possibilities of increasing the area under hybrids exist in several countries, he added.

Dr Vasal highlighted several important considerations for hybrid technology such as hybrid performance, economics of seed production, continuous evaluation towards more sophisticated and productive hybrids, stability, and preparedness against biotic vulnerability. Observing that hybrid development is a vital challenge, he said that the advances and progress made so far are commendable. Several factors including improvement in productivity of maize inbreds and continuous evaluation in hybrid types, have contributed to the success. Dr Vasal disclosed that it was USDA which expanded hybrid research. Line development, appropriate source germplasm, production of single crosses, combining ability and heterotic pattern information, and clearly defined heterotic groups are some of the necessary steps for standard hybrid development, he told.
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