Monday, April 22, 2013

Master meets Blaster

It was just another warm-up session for Sachin Tendulkar. Armed with a couple of bats, the Mumbai Indians opener was preparing to have a hit prior to the start of the match against Delhi Daredevils. But just as he was approaching the side wicket where some of his teammates were practising, a member of the rival camp caught his attention.

Tendulkar placed one of his bats on the ground and walked towards the Old Pavilion. There was a spring in his step. It took him just a couple of seconds to cover the 25-yard distance. It was indeed a privilege to watch Tendulkar greet Sir Issac Vivian Alexander Richards with a handshake followed by a hug.

Expectedly, the photojournalists went into click mode. The West Indian great got hold of Tendulkar's willow before doing a round of shadow practice. The Antiguan, who has joined Delhi as an advisor, then patted Tendulkar on the tummy, probably praising him for his longevity.

The meeting lasted a little over 10 minutes before a television producer took Richards aside for a chat. Another 'legendary' handshake followed and Tendulkar went back to train.

Mahela Jayawardene was quoted as saying that he was "star-struck" like any other youngster when he met the West Indian legend. Asked if Richards's presence made a difference, he answered, "Definitely, it did. It's not only an inspiration for youngsters but also for seniors like us."
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