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The arguments by Special P.P. Mr. R.S. Cheema started at 12.30 PM and continued till 1.30 PM. During lunch time ACP of Delhi Police informed the Court that there is a security threats. The court adjourned the proceedings. Now the matter is listed for 23rd March, Saturday when Mr. Cheema would conclude his argument.

Today Mr. Cheema argued on the basis of statement of eye witness Jagsher Singh and two other witnesses Balwinder Singh and Ram Avtar. Mr. Jagsher Singh has stated in his evidence before the Court that Sajjan Kumar came to his area on 1st Nov'84 at night and instructed his followers to kill Sikhs. Jagsher Singh had taken shelter at the house of Ram Avtar. Mr. Cheema argued before Court that Police arrested Ram Avtar on 4th Nov'84 u/s. 107/151 IPC. that was the only arrest made by the Police in this area. According to the Police records till 3rd Nov'84 more than 30 killings had taken place in this area. The only person arrested by the Police, Mr. Ram Avtar who had actually given shelter to Sikh.

Mr. Cheema argued that Jagsher Singh's statement is reliable and the presence of Jagsher Singh at the place of occurrence is also corroborated by Ram Avtar.

The other witness Balwinder Singh was an Air Force Officer posted at Kanpur. On hearing about the death of his 3 brothers, he came to Delhi and he saw his house totally burnt and many other Sikhs houses lying burnt. Mr. Cheema argued that this witness was not crossed examination on these aspects by defence lawyers. As such evidence of Balwinder Singh about the prevailing situation and the extent of damage in the area stands proved.

During pre-lunch proceedings, Security personnel objected to 2 Sikh youth coming close to Sajjan Kumar in the courtroom and these youth were asked to leave Court room.
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