Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prohibition on Two finger test for rape

Mumbai:05/03/2013 (Ruchita M.Baania)

The Bombay High court asked the state to follow the new victim-friendly forensic examination manual for sexual assault cases on Wednesday. The manual directs the doctors to do away with the two finger test (TFT) which is irrelevant.

The TFT is a unscientific & humiliating test which checks the elasticity of victim's vagina. After the test doctors gives his opinion whether the victim is 'habituated to sex' or not. It is invasive of privacy & dignity of women.

A PIL hearing is going on in Nagpur bench of Mumbai high court, which is filed by advocate Vijay Patiat & social worker Dr. Ranjana Pardhi, based on the study by Dr. Indrajit Khandekar(associate professor of forensic medicine, Mahatma Gandhi Insituite of Medical Science, Wardha) which points loop-holes in the medical examination of sexual assault victims.

A very sharp criticism has come from the Justice J.S. Verma committee, which submitted its report on criminal laws to protect women on January 23. This report not only opposed to this TFT but also demanded the need to provide psychosocial support to victim.

The new forensic manual for rape victims consist of detailed patient history, opinion on three factors- sexual assault on basis of injuries, force used & non-penetrative sex, name of the person accompanying victim, list2 24 samples for test as against 8 samples in old proforma & purposes of sample collections.

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