Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Armaan to drive in FIA GT Series

CHENNAI, March 19, 2013

Armaan Ebrahim is set to compete in the FIA GT Series, beginning on April 1.

In an interview with The Hindu a few hours before his departure for Belgium on Monday, the Chennai-based driver spoke about the challenge he was embarking on.

"It's the highest level of GT racing and involves top manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. I will be racing for BMW Auto Service Team India and it's great to be associated with BMW again. In 2005, I was BMW's official scholarship driver. It's a step forward for me. I will meet my team on Wednesday in Belgium."

Elaborating on the competition, Armaan said the FIA GT Series was a revamped version of the FIA-GT I World Championship. "It's basically the same. It's just the name that has changed. The SRO Motorsports Group is involved in developing the series."

The event will be conducted across Europe in the sprint format and will feature six rounds, comprising two races each, between April and November. The first round will be held in Nogaro, France.

The 23-year-old Armaan will be partnered by Italian Matteo Cressoni. "With two drivers in the car, it will be a different experience. Only the shell is tin-top, otherwise, it's like a thoroughbred racing car. There will be two one-and-a-half hour races over the weekend, with 45 minutes each for a driver. Matteo is experienced on the GT circuit and we need to build a working relationship."

On the issue of sponsorships, Armaan admitted it was far from smooth sailing. "It's still tough. I am thankful to people who have been with me. "
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