Thursday, February 28, 2013


Date: 28.02.2013

The communist Party of India (CPI) has criticized the budget as being sops to the rich both foreign and Indian and denial of any job opportunities to the poor. The budget has given tax free business to the foreign companies worth 50,000 crore rupees. On the contrary it does not give any such scheme whereby the income of the marginalized section will increase. The budget repeats the same rhetoric of liberalization and market economy. The UPA - 2 had boasted of that with the neo liberalization pursued by it more jobs will be created and economy will have inclusive growth, but all such claims have been belied in the past with growth slowing down and jobs reduced. With contractualisation of jobs the real wages of the common man have come down. With such announcements like reducing import duty on cycles, foot wears and leather products the local industry particularly the small entrepreneurs will suffer. With spending on health less than 2% in this budget and on education less than 4% how does the government expects the people to be healthy and educated. The funds allocated to provide clean drinking water and sanitation are too meager to meet the needs of 57% of population who have little access to these. While showing off that the government is concerned with uplift of women there is no talk of regularizing the ASHA workers, mid day meal workers and Aanganwadi workers. With no talk of reducing the cost of inputs for the farmers how does the government expects the production to increase and particularly the poor and marginal farmers to be benefitted. With exorbitant increase in the prices marginal benefit in the income tax will serve no purpose for the middle income group people. Indication of further increase in prices of Diesel and Petrol LPG the situation is going to get worse.

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