Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rape victim better, is optimistic about future: Doctors

NEW DELHI, December 22, 2012 PTI

The 23-year-old girl, who was raped and brutally assaulted in a moving bus here last Sunday night, is "responding to treatment" and is "psychologically composed and optimistic about her future", doctors treating her at Safdarjung hospital said on Saturday.

"All her parameters are optimum except the levels of her total leukocyte, bilirubin and platelet counts. She is better compared to yesterday. She is communicating, more alert and more active from yesterday," Dr Verma, one of the doctors treating the girl, said in a press statement.

"She is psychologically totally composed and balanced. She is very brave and optimistic about having a good future. There is showing no signs of sadness or grief," Dr Kuldeep and Dr Abhilasha Yadav of the psychiatric department of the hospital, said.

The doctors said "she has been given sips of water and apple juice since morning".

"She has also been administered four units of platelet rich plasma," the doctors said.

The plasma was administered in order to raise the levels of her platelet count which this morning was at 20,000 micro litre (mcL) of blood the doctors said.

Platelets are the tiny blood cells that help stop bleeding and its levels in a normal healthy woman is around 266,000 mcL.

The doctors said that due to the low platelet count there are chances of infection and in order to tackle that they are administering her antibiotics.
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