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The alumni of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), right from the erstwhile years, thronged the campus today to attend the first Alumni Meet of the PAU and the 50th Meet of College of Agriculture's Alumni Association. On this occasion, Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, Vice-Chancellor of the PAU, unveiled the Golden Jubilee Monument in the University. A 19- member Pakistan delegation, which has come to attend the two-day alumni meet at PAU, was given a warn welcome. The dignitaries namely the Chief Guest, Malik Ahmad A. Aulakh, Minister of Agriculture, Punjab (Pakistan); Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice-Chancellor, University of Agriculture (UAF), Faisalabad; and Dr V.K. Taneja, Vice-Chancellor, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, participated in the alumni meet.

The oldest alumni namely Dr J.S. Jawanda, oldest alumnus of PAU; Dr S.S. Johl, oldest alumnus of College of Basic Sciences and Humanities (COBS&H) and presently, Chancellor of Central University of Punjab, Bathinda; Dr K.D. Mannan, oldest alumnus of College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (COAE&T); Dr (Mrs) Kanta Sharma, oldest alumnus of College of Home Science (COHS), Dr K.K. Baxi, oldest alumnus of Veterinary Sciences College, Dr H.A. Qayyum, oldest alumnus from UAF, Pakistan; and Dr D.S. Cheema, Dean, College of Agriculture (COA), PAU, and President of Alumni Association of COA, shared the dais with the dignitaries.

The Chief Guest, Malik Ahmad A. Aulakh congratulated PAU on its 50th anniversary. He said that 70 per cent of Pakistan's population is dependent on agriculture and that 90 per cent of its industry is agro-based. Many vegetables like tomato, potato and onion are being exported by India to Pakistan, stated he, adding that there is a possibility of agricultural development if the two countries join hands. In view of the rising costs of farm inputs, the exchange of information and knowledge in terms of agriculture can be of immense help to both the nations, he remarked.

Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice-Chancellor, University of Agriculture (UAF), Faisalabad; said, "It is a historic moment for PAU as well as for Pakistan delegates. The PAU has earned name across the globe. The word "PAU" is like a household name which will find mention everywhere. Wherever we go, alumni proudly say that we are the products of this PAU." Dr Khan disclosed that they have floated an idea to set-up a "Border Centre" for the exchange in various spheres between the two countries. He said that they have also made a proposal to declare "Nankana Sahib" as an international centre. Dr Khan said, "It was PAU which inspired us to take the initiative of organizing the Kisan Mela and start six-year programme in Faisalabad University."

Dr J.S. Jawanda, oldest alumnus of PAU, congratulated the alumni who were honoured and shared the nostalgic moments of his student life in the University.

Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, Vice-Chancellor, PAU, said that India and Pakistan share similar culture and have cordial relations with each other. There is a lot to share in terms of agriculture, stated he, while suggesting the exchange of farm techniques and technologies between the two countries through the exchange of farm publications like Progressive Farming and Changi Kheti. Dr Dhillon highlighted that in the last one year, the "Wheat, Rice and Vegetables" section of PAU have bagged "Best All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) Centre Award" by ICAR, which is indeed a laudable achievement. He extended his best wishes to the alumni members.

Dr V.K. Taneja, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU, expressed that this is his first alumni function. He appreciated the poems recited by the alumni, thus, sending a strong message of the union of two Punjabs (India and Pakistan). Dr Taneja emphasized that there is a need to work hard to address future challenges in agriculture.

The alumni members namely Dr Hafiz Abdul Qayyum, retd. Professor of UAF, Faisalabad; Dr Surjit Patar, Padma Shri Awardee and former PAU Professor of Punjabi; Dr Gurdev S. Sandhu, former President of PAU Teachers' Association; Dr S.S. Gill, former Director of Extension Education, PAU; Dr Ranjit Tambar, former Additional Director of Communication, PAU; and Dr B.S. Sooch, former Professor of Vegetables, shared their reminiscences, and recited their emotions and feelings through poetical verses. Through their poetry, they shed light on the prosperity, happiness and love between India and Pakistan, and highlighted the achievements and contributions of former PAU Vice-Chancellors, present VC, noted Indian political leaders, and the eminent farm scientists in the evolvement of crop varieties.

During the meet, books entitled "AGALUMNUS 2012," "Dr Haifz Abdul Qyauum dian Alumni Nazman (written by Dr Gurdev S. Sandhu)," and "Chaulan a badshah- Gurdev Singh Khush (authored by Dr Ranjit S. Tambar)" were released by the dignitaries.

Dr Dhillon and PAU Deans honoured the Pakistan delegation and oldest alumni of PAU.

The Chief Guest and other dignitaries honoured the alumni namely Dr Jai Rup Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda; Dr R.S. Kanwar, Vice-Chancellor, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar; Dr R.S. Bawa, Vice-Chancellor, Chandigarh University, Gharun; Sh. CSR Reddy, ADGP (Punjab); S. K.S. Pannu, DGSE, Punjab; and Om Gauri Dutt Sharma, Deputy Director General, Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar. Besides, Dr Surjit Patar, renowned Punjabi Poet; Dr W.S. Dhillon, Director, PHPTC and Assistant Director General (Horticulture), ICAR; Dr L.S. Brar, Director of Horticulture, Punjab; Dr Gurkanwal Singh, Joint Director Horticulture, Punjab, and Dr Nirmal Jaura, Director Youth Welfare, Punjab University, Chandigarh were honored. In addition, alumni who brought laurels to COA such as Dr (Mrs) R.K. Dhaliwal, Head of Extension Education Department, PAU; Dr M.S. Dhaliwal, Head of Vegetable Science; and Dr A.S. Dhatt, Senior Vegetable Breeder were honoured. The alumni including Dr C.L. Vashisht, District Training Officer, Hoshiarpur, Dr Rupinder Kaur, Horticulture Development Officer, Fatehgarh Sahib; and Dr Ulwinder Singh, Soil Conservation Officer, Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda; were honoured for being the outstanding extension officers.

The former Vice-Chancellor of PAU, Dr A.S. Khera honoured the alumni who brought laurels by winning international award. These include Dr U.S. Sadana, Dr V.K. Nayyar, Dr I.M. Chhibba, Dr R.L. Bansal, Dr M.P.S Khurana, Dr J.S. Manchanda and Dr S.S. Dhaliwal.

Dr Manjit S. Kang, former Vice-Chancellor of PAU, honoured the Wheat, Rice and Vegetables Section of PAU for being adjudged as the Best AICRP Centre.

The alumni of the constituent colleges of the PAU, including the former Deans of COBS&H, Dr H.S. Garcha, Dr APS Mann, Dr M.A. Zahir, and Dr Tejwant Singh, were honoured in addition to Dr S.S. Sangha, Dean at GADVASU. The alumni of COHS namely Dr Satinder Bajaj, former Director, Lady Irwin College, New Delhi; Mrs Hirdaipal, Director Youth Services, Punjab; and Dr Parminder Parmar, Associate Professor, Penn State University, USA, were honored.

The alumni who brought laurels in sports were also honoured. These include Sh. H.S. Bhullar, Sh. G.S. Brar, Sh. P.S. Sidhu and Sh. K.S. Kahlon.

The Pakistan delegation also honoured the Vice-Chancellors including Dr B.S. Dhillon (PAU), Dr V.K. Taneja (GADVASU), Dr Jai Rup Sing (Central Varsity of Punjab), Dr R.S. Bawa (Chandigarh University) and Dr M.S. Aulakh (MSKRJ University of Agriculture and Technology, Jahnsi, UP). Besides, they honoured PAU and GADVASU members namely Dr D.S. Cheema, Dean of COA; Dr R.S. Sidhu, Dean of COBS&H; Dr PPS Lubana, Dean of COAE&T; Dr Neelam Grewal, Dean of COHS; Dr I.S. Sandhu, Dean of Veterinary Sciences College.

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