Friday, November 16, 2012



Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering of Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana showcased machinery for the efficient management of the rice straw. Additional Director Research (Engineering), Dr. Jaskaran Singh Mahal informed that every year farmers resort to be burring of rice straw which results in environmental pollution and the loss of soil nutrients namely nitrogen, sulphur, phosphors and potassium. Dr. Mahal said that the department has developed happy seeder which is used for direct drilling of next crop in a combine-harvested field. He also disclosed that straw chopper machine harvest straw left after combining, chop it into pieces and spread it in the field. The chopped and spread stubbles are then easily incorporated in the soil either by single use of rotavator or disc harrow and decayed after irrigation. Paddy Straw can be best used for different purposes and universities is developing new technologies or machines like straw baler, spatially modified no till drill, combine mounted straw management system, told Dr. Mahal.

Additional Director Research (Natural Resources and Plant Health), Dr. Jagtar Singh Dhiman informed that paddy straw can be used for livestock bedding, power generation, mushroom growing, etc.

Professor and Head of the department Dr. Gursahib Singh Manes gave a comprehensive view various machines developed/tested for the rice straw management.

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