Friday, November 16, 2012


Ludhiana- 16.11.2012

On the occasion of martyrdom day of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, the Communist Party of India (CPI) and CPI (M) District Ludhiana demanded that the Model Gram Railway Station be names after him as Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha Model Gram Railway Station. Various speakers addressing a rally after garlanding the statue of the martyr called upon the people to unite in strength to save much achieved gains of freedom, secularism, democracy after hard struggle and sacrifice by the people of India during the freedom struggle and for pro-people economic policies for sustainable development of the country by opposing the sell out of the nation by the government through the neo liberal economic polies. The policies pursued by the central and state government have led to misery of the people and given boost to the already rich and elite. Parties organized a rally at his statue today at the Bhai Wala Chowk where the activists participated in the rally. Throwing light on the ideas of Kartar Singh Sarabha various speakers warned the people against forces of communalism and casteism, which are out to destroy the basic fabric of pluralism and unity in diversity of our country. The menace of terrorism by organizations of different shades is a real threat and needs to be dealt with united. The economic policies being pursued by the government have led to concentration of wealth in the hands of a few while vast majority is languishing in glaring poverty. This is evident from the suicides being committed by the farmers in all parts of the country. Education and health have gone out of reach of the common man. There are attempts for saffornisation of education. There is increasing commercialization of education and health. If these are not resisted, danger of imperialist intervention in the country's affairs will further increase like it has through the agreements like the Indo US Nuke deal and we will become junior strategic partners of the US in its imperialist designs. The US is out to do business to save its interest but we have to save the interests of vast majority of our country. It is time people unite in strength for the defense of secularism, democracy and for pro-people economic policies, if the country has to march forward on the path of sustainable development. The effort for an outright capitalist development model has added to the miseries of the people and increased corruption to an alarming level and there is rise in crime either for want of money to full fill basic necessities or for greed of a few. Lashing out at the misrule in the state the speakers warned that this has led to misery of the people and brought the rank of Punjab much low in whole the country. There is rampant corruption, increase in crime and drug addiction. Those who addressed the rally include district secretary of the CPI Com Kartar Singh Bowani, Com Sukhvinder Singh Sekhon – Disst Sec. CPI (M), Com O P Mehta, Dr Arun Mitra, Com ramesh Ratan, Com Gurnam Singh Sidhu, Com Ramadhar Singh, Com Manjeet Singh, Maj. Retd. Sher Singh Aulukh, Com D.PMaur, Com Jatinder Pal Singh, Com Raghbir Singh, Com Sukhwinder Lotey, Com Subekh Singh, Com Hanuman Parshad Dubey, Com Ram Brich, Com Jagdish Choudhary, Com Jagdish Chand, Com Devraj, Com Amarjeet Mattu, Com Manjit Singh, Com Pawan Kumar, Com Samar Bahadur. Com Surinder recited revolutionary poem.

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