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Cops book NRI in England for theft in Patiala

PATIALA: Nov 19, 2012

The registration of a theft case against a non-resident Indian (NRI), who has been in England for the past four years, for stealing iron grills on Friday from his own agriculture land has raised serious questions about the working of Tripadi police. Family members of the NRI alleged that cops have been working in connivance with land mafia who want to grab their agricultural land.

According to the family members, Faqir Chand of New Grain Market had signed an agreement with NRI Gurbashish Singh and his four brothers -- Gurcharn, Hira, Satnam and Mahinder -- to purchase their 35 bighas of agricultural land near Barran village in 2011 and paid Rs 5 crore to them as advance. As per agreement, July 2, 2012 was the deadline to pay the remaining amount of Rs 15 crore for the land, but Faqir Chand failed to pay the money. Gurbashish Singh had last come to India in July for signing the agreement.

\"Since he could not arrange the remaining Rs 15 crore, the agreement expired on July 2. Since then Faqir Chand has been threatening us to extend the date of agreement for two more years. Now cops have registered a false theft case against us, including my brother Gurbakhshish Singh, who has been in England,\" alleged Gurcharn.

Hira alleged that the cops posted in Tripadi police station have also started threatening them to increase the agreement period for two years if the family doesn\'t want to face more false cases. According to the FIR Faqir Chand has lodged a complaint with Tripadi police that the above said five brothers stole iron grills from his land, but without getting the sale deed registered in his name how can he claim to be the owner of land, no one is willing to explain.

\"Faqir Chand has made only agreement and has not got registered the sale deed under his name,\" said investigating officer Parkash Masih.

Victims have written letters to the Punjab CM and senior police officers for justice.
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