Monday, October 22, 2012

Vonany for seamless communication

COIMBATORE, October 22, 2012

In a market that is full of communication tools and where the use of smartphones is increasing, it is becoming imperative for business communications to have solutions for chat or conference among different platforms, either free of cost or at nominal rates.

These facilities are now available as applications downloadable on smart devices, mostly free of charge. Some even facilitate exchange of files and media.

Multiple-user conference

Vonany, a multi-media communication platform, helps friends, colleagues, and relatives to communicate seamlessly with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. It permits multiple-user conference on the mobile and can integrate into any business enterprise solution being used in an office or institution.

Developed by YGen Communications of Chennai and launched about three weeks ago, the net-based product has more than 3,000 subscribers.

Free download

First-time users can download it free of cost from and register themselves with a user name. They can use Vonany for audio, video or text chat; audio or video conference; and for call management. It is integrated with Facebook, too, and thus, the user's friends can be contacted through Vonany.

Currently, downloads are available for laptops and personal computers that use Windows 7, Windows XP, or Vista, Android phones and iphones, and ipads. The company is developing the tool for Windows phone 8 too. The download takes a few minutes and the communication, video-sharing in particular, is smooth and uninterrupted for those who have a 3G or broadband connection.

As many as four people can be part of a conference. Domain-based workflow is also possible.

For instance, with customisation, Vonany can be used to share PowerPoint presentations or other data on the desktop. This will especially benefit corporates and educational institutions that want to communicate with many simultaneously, and individuals who speak regularly to friends and family members overseas.

The main feature is that it can be integrated into different workflows or any other platform.

For instance, if an office is already using a specific software or tool for its internal work management, Vonany can be integrated with it as a communication platform. Services and calls can be customised.
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