Friday, October 26, 2012

Mumbai techie released from Pakistan jail after five years

MUMBAI, October 26, 2012

Mumbai-based software engineer Bhavesh Parmar, who was detained in a Pakistan jail for five long years, was released on Thursday. He is slated to arrive here on Friday.

MLA Krishna Hegde, who took up Mr. Parmar's case said the immigration paper work was being completed at the Wagah border.

"Once the process is completed, Mr. Parmar will fly to Mumbai," he said.

Mr. Parmar had left home in early January 2007 in a fit of depression over his father's demise. Travelling in a disturbed state of mind, he had unwittingly found himself on the Pakistan-bound Samjhauta Express. He was consequently arrested under Section 14 of the Foreigner's Act in October 2007 for lack of requisite papers and incarcerated at the Central Jail in Lahore. His prison term ended in July this year.

Till 2008, the family was unaware of his whereabouts until the special branch of Mumbai Police notified them that he was lodged in Pakistani jail.

Mr. Parmar's mother Hansa Kanti told reporters at the Attari border that she had no idea whether his son was ever extended psychiatric treatment during the detention in Pakistan.
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