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The home science experts of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have advised the home makers to take proper care of the diet, health and clothing of children as well as family members and maintain stress free home environment.

Since dengue fever is common in this weather, the expert Dr Sukhminder Kaur advised the people not to let water stagnate around the house, coolers and pots. Make the child wear cotton full sleeves shirts or tops, suggested she, while urging the home makers to ensure that prickly heat powder, lacto calamines lotion, potassium permanganate and dettol/savlon are available at home for use when required. She also emphasized on using filtered or boiled water because contaminated water is the major source of digestive problems.

Stressing on up-keeping home textiles, Dr Surinderjit Kaur said that negligence in cleaning may result into damages like weakening of fabric, permanent strain and frayed edges. It is always better to opt for darker shades of carpets, rugs or durries, she suggested. Water stain should be dried with a warm blower as dampness may damage the fabric. She advised, "If someone has stained upholstery with ketchup, never apply soda and salt over it as it makes the stain more difficult to remove. Avoid rubbing the stain; instead blot into white absorbent paper towel-one piece in front and the other behind it."

Referring to diet and health care, Dr Kirti Grover suggested the parents to include quality protein in from of eggs, pulses, milk and nuts in child's diet. The protein can also be added in the form of sprouted pulses, curd, cheese, soybean (using flour, granules, nuggets, etc.), she told, while asking to give healthy snacks like sprouted salad, fermented foods and fruits to the children. Prefer the use of whole grains and avoid giving outside foods and the foods made from refined flour like maida, processed and fried foods, she emphasized. Keep the children hydrated and serve them with green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits, added she.

About the home management, Dr Harinder Saggu suggested to clean window panes and get trees and brushes trimmed away from windows for proper daylight and fresh air. Wipe dust from light bulbs and tubes for proper light, she said. The expert also impressed upon the parents to spend quality time with children and act as their friends, mentor and supporter so that they can communicate their fears and problems to you.
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