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"Nanotechnology has revolutionary potential in crusading farm problems," said Dr Ashok K. Adya, Professor Chair of Nanotechnology, University of Abertay Dundee, United Kingdom (UK) and an alumnus of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), during his recent visit to the PAU. The scientist visited the PAU to explore and advance the collaborative venture between the two institutes.

Dr Adya called upon the farm scientists to shed disciplinary boundary to become successful nanotechnologist. Lauding PAU's pioneering efforts in building up 12 disciplinary projects, he observed that output of these projects will make agriculture attractive for the young farmers of Punjab and benefit the food consumers of Europe and elsewhere. Dr Adya appreciated that these projects have kept focus on the plight of the Punjab state farmers, which is the need of the hour. He also shared his professional journey from a chemist to a material scientist to a renowned nanotechnologist.

The Director of Research, Dr S.S. Gosal highlighted the cooperative research, underway between UK and PAU. He urged the scientist to extend support to the PAU students so that they can learn nitty-gritty of nanotechnology from UK, for carrying out research, pertaining to agrarian issues of the Punjab.

Welcoming the dignitaries and the participants, Dr D.S. Cheema, Dean of College of Agriculture, delved upon the new initiatives being taken for strengthening of nanotechnology facilities at PAU.

On this occasion, the Electron Microscopy and Nanoscience Laboratory of the PAU organized an interactive session, which explored the means and ways for the application of nanotechnology in countering problems of low fertilizer use efficiency, early detection of pest attack, reducing pesticide load, improving shelf life of food products and removing contaminants from surface and ground water bodies.
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