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CPI State Conf Press Note - Photo and Punjabi News Attached

Date: 8.7.2012

The state unit of the Communist Party of India (CPI) held a public rally today to mark the beginning of three days state conference from 7th to 9th July 2012. Workers from all over the state participated in huge number raising slogans and carrying banners for the demands. Com. Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary of the CPI initiating the rally called upon the people to unite in strength against the neo liberal economic policies of the government which are playing havoc with the life of common man. Economic growth has slowed down and poor man is completely marginalized. Exorbitant price rise of essential commodities including Petrol and Diesel is adding to their miseries. Gap between rich and poor has widened as never before. Vast majority of population is devoid of even basic necessities of life including food, shelter, clean drinking water, health and education. There is rampant corruption and political system has been afflicted with the use of money and muscle power. It is an irony that our food grains are rotting and government has no fool proof policy for their storage and distribution. While on one side people are starving govt. is not ready to give food grains to the poor people despite the Supreme Court's observations but is rather exporting it. It is a mockery that in this situation our Prime Minister has offered more than 56000 crores of rupees to Europe to bring them out of the economic crisis. Instead of aligning with the poorer nations of the world our government is becoming junior partner of the US in fulfilling all its designs. Pranab Muklharjee is a strong proponent of these neo liberal policies. Therefore the CPI has decided to abstain in the voting for the Presidential election. Taking serious note of killing of innocent tribals in the name of Maoists in Chhatisgarh, he said that this is a very serious issue. The government instead of solving the genuine issues of the tribal people is out to use force. He also criticized the blatant use of CBI by the successive governments for their political ends. He demanded that CBI should be independent

Com.Shameem Faizee, member of the Central Secretariat of the CPI in his address charged the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre with being hand in glove with the powerful lobby of traders, capitalists, corporate and monopolists. Outsourcing, privatisation and contract system were being promoted. As a result unemployment has reached an alarming level. Labour laws are being flouted with impunity even in the public sector institutions, he added. He further said that wrong economic policies of the government have forced a majority of the population towards unemployment, poverty, hunger and even suicides. While the prices of essential food items are skyrocketing, the public distribution system is in a state of utter collapse. Similarly, the national social security fund for the unorganised sector also remains elusive, he remarked. Very few, if any, are benefited by cheap flour and pulses scheme. The MANREGA scheme has proved a non-starter due to the apathy of the government and bureaucrats. The left parties will organize protests at Delhi from 31st July to 3rd August on the question of food security.

Dr.Joginder Dayal,member Central Executive committee of the CPI lashed out at the state govt. for its failure to provide any long lasting solution to the problems of the peasantry. It is dismaying that peasants are forced to commit suicides in a state which is producer of maximum grains. Economic condition of the agriculture labour and other land less people is even worse. There is alarming increase in the number of unemployed. Large number of youth are under employed under the contract system. Referring to concentration of wealth in few hands he said that kiths and kin of the Chief Minister are controlling not only the transport system of the state but also the electronic media. He expressed serious danger from the role of the government in trying to revive fundamentalism in the state by opening memorials for the victims of Operation Blue Star. Such tendencies have to be fought back

Com Nirmal Dhaliwal, state secretary cautioned that as a result of the policies of exclusion the people are not able to get even clean drinking water. There is threat of increase in cancer incidence in large part of the state. But no effective steps are being taken to prevent that. Drug Mafia, Sand Mafia and Land Mafia are making roost. There are reports of patronage by a section of the government to such elements. The three day session of the party will discuss all these issues at length and chart out strategy for action.

Earlier Com Kartar Singh Bowani, district secretary welcomed the comrades from other districts.

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