Thursday, December 1, 2011

\'If it\'s about looks, Sunny Leone will win Bigg Boss

December 1, 2011

Former model and actress Pooja Bedi was the last housemate to be evicted from Bigg Boss 5. She\'s quite excited to be back with her family and described her stay in the Bigg Boss house as some kind of a \'social experiment\'.

The former inmate recently caught up with her fans on Rediff chat and talked about her close friendship with Sky and what she thinks of Pooja Missra, among other things.

Here\'s the unedited chat transcript for those who missed it:

samir agrawal : is it correct that siddharth is a very harsh and unreal person?

Pooja Bedi: He is fun and young but headed and has lots of arrogance...terrible combo to deal with daily.

Akhil Sharma: THIS YEAR BIG BOSS IS THE WORST AS EVERYONE IS JUST FIGHTING TO GET MAXIMUM FOOTAGE Pooja Bedi: Abslty on...what a destructive formula to live with 24/7

Manu Tandon: Your behavior in the house with SKY as compared to rest of the housemates proves that LOVE IS BLIND :)

Pooja Bedi: What a pity..they didn\'t show my equal affection for Juhi, Sunny, Rageshwari..they get a lot more than he does

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