Tuesday, November 8, 2011

End in sight for Greece political crisis as ministers offer to resign

ATHENS, Greece, November 9, 2011(Tehelkanews)

Greek ministers have offered their resignations to the Prime Minister, George Papandreou, paving the way to create an interim government that will shepherd the country's new European debt deal through Parliament.Prime Minister George Papandreou has been in talks with the Opposition leader, Antonis Samaras, for a second day, trying to hammer out a power-sharing deal amid intense European pressure to end the country's political deadlock.Tourism Minister George Nikitiadis said the entire Cabinet offered their resignations during a meeting on Tuesday to help the premier. Deputy Education Minister Evi Christophilopoulou said "we are very close to forming a coalition government."

The two main candidates being considered as interim premier are former European Central Bank Vice President Lucas Papademos and European Ombudsman Nikiforos Diamantouros, officials with knowledge of the negotiations told The Associated Press. They asked not to be identified, citing the sensitivity of the talks.None of the people being considered have been announced publicly.

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