Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainfall spells merry times

Mar 5, 2011,LUDHIANA:

City residents are making the most of the rainfall by going in for outings and enjoying the weather. Many get food served in cars. Others prefer to get home delivery of food and enjoy the weather with drinks. Residents are also enjoying the weather by having ice creams and watching movies.

They are studying, sleeping and enjoying long drives. Residents faced problem in driving in the early morning and late evening hours but they are coping up with the weather, knowing well that the change in weather is because of the climate change pattern over the last few years.

Experts of the meteorology department on Thursday said the minimum temperature was recorded at 12 degree celsius and the maximum was recorded at 23 degree celsius. The weather was cloudy throughout the day as the winds from the west had a speed of 5 kmph and humidity was 77%. The dew point was 170 and the visibility was 4 km. The change in weather perceptions are 40%.

Rashmi Taneja, a counsellor with an immigration consultancy and resident of Jamalpur, said the early morning showers and the cloudy weather in the day causes lots of problems as the visibility is very low, so driving is very difficult. She said children enjoy this weather a lot as they are fond of having ice creams in the cold weather.

Suresh Jindal, resident of Harnam Nagar and businessman, said change in the weather pattern really causes problems in the morning while dropping children at schools, but now, the family is used to it and so, they make the most of the weather in the evening by taking children for outing that includes long drives.

Jaspreet, student of BEd and resident of Badowal, said visibility is an issue as the weather is cloudy throughout the day. She said it is difficult in the morning when it comes to commuting, but after the destination is reached, the weather gives every reason to cheer up and enjoy. The weather motivates her to study.
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