Tuesday, March 8, 2011



In a meeting held with UK-based Golden Star artist, Malkit Singh, Canada based-punjabiat promoter Iqbal Mahal and the famous singer Jeet Jagjit, Prof Gurbhajan Gill, President of Punjabi Sahit Akademi, said that the fast diffusion of obscenity, addiction and violence in Punjabi folk singing is a cause of great social concern.

Prof Gurbhajan Gill added that public should deplore these vices openly and don't accept any singing that is not clean and not of the level upheld by the Punjabi culture and value system. Gill said that a mass movement is the need of the hour and declared that even the Punjabi Sahit Akademy can knock at the doors of the court for the cause of neat and clean singing. The writers and singers need to exercise their voice against vulgarity, double meaning messages and painting women in bad taste. Punjabi way of life is to offer respect to womenfolk, said Gill. Malkit Singh endorsed this view and said that he and his group will make all efforts to work for upholding the clean and neat singing that should be without any trace of vulgarity or obscenity, violence or malice. Iqbal Mahal expressed that singers can create a respectable niche for them in the musical world by writing and singing clean sufi songs as has been done by Satinder Sartaj, Dr Mamta Joshi, Jeet Jagjeet , etc. and questioned as to why people want to be popular through sub standard vulgar songs. He appealed to Punjab Government to take stern action against the companies, singers, cassette companies, and channels that promote vulgarity, violence and drug culture with strong hands. The social organizations, NGOs , educational organizations and leaders should come forward explicitly. They suggested the creation of an Advisory Board to look into these types of issues in the face of music world.

Photo Caption: (L-R): Singer Jeet Jagjit, Prof Gurbhajan Gill, Punjabi singer Malkiat Singh (golden star), punjabi poet Trailochan Lochi and Iqbal Mahal.
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