Sunday, March 6, 2011

Higher Education Service rules- Need Common policy and National Debate

Ludhiana 6/3/2011(Anmol Singh)

The state of service rules for Higher Educational institutions in India is in the chaotic condition with different states and union territories following different set of rules and centrally funded higher educational institutions are following separate set of rules. Though Union of India has formed various constitutional bodies to frame the common policy of service conditions for teachers working in these institutions like Ministry of Human Resources Development, University Grants Commission , All India Council of Technical Education, Medical Council of India etc but still there is no uniformity in the services conditions of these teachers though they follow same qualifications and recruitment parameters as per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission. Still after 64 years of independence we are not in a position to implement a common policy of service conditions in all the states and union territories in the field of Higher education. In the Present state of development the higher education has become the important pillar of development where talent need to be attracted. The present state of affairs is that rules are differing in respect of promotion policy, appointment of Principals and Professors, issue of retirement age, stay of teachers in colleges and universities, academic mobility and autonomy, curriculum design etc. It is pertinent to mention here that major funding for these institutions are made by Ministry of human resources development, Government of India in general through University Grants Commission. Though University Grants commission specify certain guidelines and regulations for academic standards and service conditions for the teachers but still the state government follow their own set of rules without understanding the sanctity and spirit behind these rules. The result is that thousands of litigations are pending in various High courts of India as well as Supreme Court of India concerning the issue of retirement age, counting of past service, mobility of teacher from one institution to other. As a consequence to that appointments and promotions are pending in these institutions affecting the quality of education in these institutions and defeating the very purpose of higher education. Punjab Commerce and Management Association (PCMA) demand a common and uniform implementation of policies of higher education. Keeping in view the attitude and non professional aptitude of the state governments, It is desirable that the issue of higher education should be left to the Union government to decide and there should be a cadre of Indian Higher education Services (IHES) so that uniform development of higher education can be ensured through out the country contributing the development of the nation. Dr. Ashwani Bhalla , Executive Vice President said that there should be National Debate on this issue to form of common Higher Education Code for all the states which should be mandatory to follow in a uniform manner to avoid wastage of resources.
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