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Couples join hands to help society, bond with each other

Mar 5, 2011, LUDHIANA:

A group of 18 couples from the city have decided to look beyond personal needs and serve the larger needs of the community. Coming together under the banner of Round Table, an international organization, these members have developed a sense of belonging even as they address social issues.

The city has two chapters of the organization -- Ludhiana Round Table (LRT) and Ludhiana Invincible Round Table (LIRT). In 2005 while Narain Aggarwal, a resident of Mall Road had started LRT, Vinay Mittal, who also lives in Mall Road, initiated LIRT. Members, who are from various localities of Ludhiana, meet every month at a social gathering that is a time of fun and charity. The table had recently organized a mid-term meet based on the theme -- \'Yamla Pagla Deewana\' to promote Punjabi culture. Members were welcomed at the railway station with dhol beats and received on tractors.

Chairman of LRT, Vickey Gogia said, \'\'The aim of this organization is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in national and international affairs. The organization focuses on education for underprivileged children.\'\'

Over the years, the members have organized several activities like an \'anti-beggars drive\' under which they promoted the idea of providing nutrition to beggars instead of giving alms. Tablers also donated computer systems in Nishkam School and around 100 Tablers donated blood in blood donation camps. A few months ago, the members organized movie shows for an orphanage in Sarabha Nagar, where they took along a home theatre system and showed movies to children.

In December a dental camp was organized for underprivileged children and they were informed about oral hygiene under the assistance of Dr Vikas Jindal. The kids were also given free toothbrushes and toothpastes. At another occasion the Tablers visited Mother Teresa Home on the Jalandhar by-pass and distributed sweets, clothing and diapers to infants.

But social service is not its only focus. The organization\'s USP is that it develops close relationships among the members, standing by each other in times of need. The club became particularly close to my heart when I saw how the members stood by us and gave us moral and physical support in our hard time. My husband Sudeep Sharma, whose blood group is the rare AB+, was hospitalized and needed blood in emergency. Through the network of Tablers the required units were arranged for him as many came forward to donate their blood.

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