Friday, February 18, 2011

Oppn trains JPC guns on UPA; only 2G in radar

New Delhi,(7star news)

The UPA government has finally relented and seem to be buckling up to the Oppositions demand for a Joint Parliamentary committee to probe the 2G spectrum scam. The government is all geared up to constitute a committee for the JPC comprising Kishore Chandra Deo, PC Chacko and Girija Vyas, who are most likely to be in the hot seat.

The JPC will be conducted exclusively on the spectrum deal that has caused considerable embarrassment to the UPA and has given opposition parties fodder for attack. But the Centre has given clear-cut indication that the JPC probe will only be on the 2G scam and will not extend to other scams such as CWG or the Adarsh Housing Scam. The various issues had led to a Parliament deadlock with Opposition boycotting proceedings.

The Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal had revealed that further details on the JPC would be announced by Wednesday and made it clear that the probe would be strictly restricted to only the 2G scam.

With the Opposition prayers answered to grill the ruling government on a scam of such magnitude, the focus is still on the accused govt who has blood on their hands with various other scams. With the JPC on the 2G scam alone agreed to, is there something that the government is hiding that they are not agreeing to a open probe into all the other scams that have caused substantial loss to the country\' exchequer
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