Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nabbed Somali pirate says he loves India and Bollywood

February 11, 2011 Mumbai:

One of the Somalian brigands, caught in the second anti-piracy strike by the Indian Navy and Coast Guard off Lakshadweep islands last Sunday, says he hopes to fulfill just one dream after his release: tour India.

\"I love India,\" he said, in broken English. He was one of the 28 pirates aboard Prantalay-11, the mother ship in a fleet of three Thai fishing trawlers that had been hijacked in April last year.

\"I have seen India on television and have started loving it. I want to visit every Indian city,\" the pirate said, hands and legs tied together. Before further questions could be asked, the Coast Guard officials took him away.

Among the articles seized from the pirates, other than weaponry, officials found several DVDs of Bollywood films. Most of them were action movies.

The sea bandits were brought to Mumbai last night aboard ICGS Samar and INS Tir, and handed over to the Yellow Gate police.

A Dornier aircraft, which was launched in armed configuration, had spotted the mother ship pirates were using for the past nine months on Sunday.

About the operation, Inspector General of Coast Guard SPS Basra said that there was cross firing when their ships lay siege to the hijacked fishing trawler.

\"During the exchange of fire, three pirates sustained injuries and one of them was in a critical condition.

Immediate medical attention was provided by the doctor on board Samar and they are stable now,\" said Basra.

\"At the time of interception, just prior to surrendering, they threw their weapons overboard, which included 19 AK-47 rifles, two pistols, a rocket launcher and a shoulder launcher,\" he added.

Basra also said that three pirate attack groups are still active outside Indian waters.

\"Position of piracy attack groups, to the extent feasible, is being closely monitored by various authorities,\" Basra said.

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