Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GoM examines ministers\' discretionary powers

New Delhi,14 Feb 2011

A Group of Ministers (GoM) on corruption here on 14 February, examined discretionary powers granted to ministers. An 8-page document prepared by the ministries for urgent government action listed 32 discretionary powers enjoyed by 14 ministers. But, there were differences on whether curtailing these powers would end corruption.

A member of the GoM noted after the meeting that these discretionary powers had been conceptualised for public good and it would be foolish if the ministers are not allowed to help the needy by extinguishing such powers.

The whole issue of the discretionary powers was brought into focus by Congress President Sonia Gandhi at the party's plenary here in December 2010, in context of discretions by the Maharashtra Chief Minister and ministers in the Adarsh Housing Society scam in Mumbai.

Sonia Gandhi wanted there to be no discretionary powers with the ministers as they lead to partisanship and corruption. However, having never held a ministerial post herself, it is assumed that she is not aware of the ways in which ministers swing the bureaucracy to their benefit, without any special powers.

The Home Minister tops the list holding seven discretionary powers, followed by the Tribal Minister who has five, the Railway Minister with four, with Tourism, Telecom and External Affairs Minister next in the list with two each.

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