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Father of missing twins wrote of killing them

Feb. 11 2011

A Swiss man left a written plan that spelled out his intention to kill himself and his twin daughters, a family member said Friday.

Alessia and Livia Schepp were reported missing on Jan. 30, when Matthias Kaspar Schepp failed to return them to the home in Lausanne, Switzerland, where their mother, Irina Lucidi, lived.

On Feb. 3, police found Schepp\'s body in the southern Italian city of Cerignola. It is believed that he threw himself under a train.

A subsequent investigation has determined that Schepp travelled from Switzerland to Marseille, France, then to Corsica and back to mainland France before he was found dead.

Police have also revealed that Schepp had been searching the Internet for information on firearms, poison and suicide prior to his death.

The news of Schepp\'s death has made the ongoing search for the missing twins even more desperate, but a family member revealed Thursday that the dead father\'s plan leaves \"no hope\" that they are still alive.

Roberto Mestichelli, the cousin of the twins\' mother, said he had spoken with family members who had been informed about the plan.

\"The concept was that he communicated that he had killed them, that he would be the third one to die,\" Metischelli told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from his home in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

Some Italian news reports say that the father made reference to the girls \"resting in peace.\"

Mestichelli said he could not recall the exact wording of the plan, but said the sentiment was the same.

\"The concept was that the children were dead,\" he said, noting that the surviving family is devastated.

Mestichelli said he did not know whether the plan was part of the will Schepp had left behind, or whether it was contained in letters he sent to Lucidi.

French newspaper Le Parisien reported that the plan was contained in Schepp\'s will, which he left at his home in Lausanne, the same city where the girls\' mother lives in a separate home.

The newspaper also reported that police believe Schepp may have killed his daughters at a location somewhere along the highway that links Lausanne to Geneva.

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