Friday, February 18, 2011

CIPHET licenses groundnut milk based products technology

Ludhiana, February 18:(Anmol Singh)

Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) has licensed technology of groundnut milk based products to an Uttar Pradesh based entrepreneur for the commercial scale production. The institute has standardized the groundnut based products technology with deodorizing technique and negligible nutty flavor.

Notably, India produces around 6-7 million tons of groundnut every year. But, consumption is limited either to production of oil or directly as peanuts. With natural milk for cow and buffaloes are getting expensive, groundnut with useful vitamins and other health benefits could emerge as highly acceptable alternative. Groundnut contains about 25 percent good quality protein, 40 percent oil rich in essential fatty acids, 3 percent fiber and 2.5 percent minerals.

The groundnut is also the richest source of Niacin, said Senior Scientist Dr D.N Yadav, this is free from lactose and cholesterol. "Similarly, it contains Vitamin B 6 and phytochemicals. These act as anti cancer and anti cholesterol agents," said Dr Yadav revealing the health benefits of groundnut based products. On the scope of establishing business, Dr Yadav said that market acceptability of these products would be high as they were able to reduce the nutty flavor to the large extent. "Also, we consume groundnut directly from ages and have already developed taste for the same," he added. "With investment of 5 to 6 lakh equipment for production of groundmilk could be set up. The amount of value addition would be very high. We have estimated that 200 liter of production of milk from groundnut per day could fetch income of around Rs 50 to 60 thousand per month to an entrepreneur," he claimed, adding that they have also developed a very good quality of cheese from groundnut.

Entrepreneur from Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh Chandra Pal Jain, who got the technology, said that he saw no reason on getting market for the CIPHET developed groundnut milk based products. "In California, groundnut milk is already very popular and imported butter from groundnut has also hit shelves of the Indian market," he said, adding that groundnut milk could turn out to be best alternative for cow/buffalo milk, which is failing to meet the ever growing demand of increasing population. Dr S.K Nanda, Project Coordinator, hoped that groundnut milk based products would soon be available for the Indian customers. CIPHET encourages small farmers/entrepreneurs to adopt food processing and they could contact for training and licensing, said Head Transfer of Technology Divison Dr Deepak Raj Rai. ITMU Incharge Dr D.M Kadam was also present on the occasion.

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