Friday, February 18, 2011

Bangalore: BJP Fields \'Dream Girl\' as Candidate for Rajya Sabha

Bangalore,(7 star news)

The BJP has chosen veteran Bollywood actor Hema Malini as its candidate from Karnataka for the forthcoming Rajya Sabha by-poll. The announcement was made by the party\'s central election committee on Friday.

Hema, who had completed one term in the Rajya Sabha in 2009, will enjoy the remaining one-year term of JD(S) leader Rajashekhar Murthy, who died on December 6, 2010 following a heart attack .

The actor had missed a chance in 2009 from Madhya Pradesh for the Upper House in Parliament as the BJP state unit chose to field another candidate. Her choice is said to be a reward for being BJP\'s star campaigner and being available for party work whenever required.

The selection of Hema Malini as the party candidate may not go well with the party\'s state unit. CM Yeddyurappa had recommended the name of former union minister and state\'s representative in Delhi V Dhananjaya Kumar.

Sources close to the CM are pointing their fingers at another former union minister from the state, who is also the party\'s national general secretary, in seeing that Dhananjaya did not get a ticket.

It may be noted that Dhananjaya Kumar had been going out of the way to please the CM and his supporters by defending him at TV panel discussions and outside in the face of charges of corruption and land scams.

A top leader belonging to the anti-Yeddyurappa camp told this correspondent that an old episode involving the misdemeanour of the former union minister with a top female Bollywood star in a star hotel in Mumbai many years ago had still remained as a blot on his career and might have prevented him from being nominated.

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