Tuesday, November 16, 2010


World Diabetes Day was celebrated by the Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Home Science at PAU Hospital. On this occasion, an exhibition related to causes, symptoms, complications and dietary management of diabetes and other diseases like hypertension and obesity was put up. Various complications and risks of diabetes like diabetic retinopathy, Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD), renal vascular disorders, etc. were also explained to the patients. The counseling was given by the final year M.Sc. Food and Nutrition students under the guidance of Dr. J.K. Sangha, Professor and Head, Department of Food and Nutrition and Dr. P. Chawla, Professor, Department of Food and Nutrition.

Around 60 patients visited the camp and got information about diabetes and related diseases while 35 were given individual counseling about dietary management of diabetes mellitus. Food myths and fallacies like intake of jaggery, rice, kidney beans, corn, potato were discussed and the patients were advised to take fibre-rich foods, a balanced diet, judicious use of right kind and amount of fat and proteins.They were also advised to use functional foods like fenugreek seeds, flaxseeds, oatmeal, isabgul and jamun seeds,etc.
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