Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Scientists of PAU Department of Vegetable Crops namely, Dr D. S. Cheema, Head and Dr Paramjit Singh Brar, Sr Vegetable Breeder participated in the two-day Brain Storming meeting on \'Legume Vegetables in India – Present status and future strategies\' held at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore. The event had participation by more than 30 legume vegetable scientists from across the country. Dr.M.L.Chadha, a former PAU vegetable specialist and currently, Director, Regional Centre of AVRDC, Hyderabad delivered his keynote paper. He deliberated on the current status of legume vegetables and highlighted the prevailing constraints and prospects in vegetable growing in general and legume vegetables in particular. Dr. Cheema presented the recent advances in legume vegetable research at PAU adding that the pea varieties developed by PAU including, Punjab-87, Punjab-88, Punjab-89, Matar Ageta-6, Mithi Phalli, have been released at the national level. The particularly variety Punjab-89 has given excellent results in the plain as well as in the hilly areas of the country, said Dr Cheema. The PAU research findings on protected cultivation of French bean and cowpea were also highlighted. Dr Brar discussed the future research strategies to enhance production of legumes particularly in view of the climate change and other biotic and abiotic stress conditions. In addition, presentations were also made on organic production of legume vegetables, under-utilized legumes and the use of molecular tools and techniques for studies on resistance legume vegetables to biotic and abiotic stresses.
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