Sunday, November 7, 2010

Out of drama

New Delhi : Rahul Bhatt had two things on his mind immediately after his ouster from the Bigg Boss house on Friday night — spending diwali with family and getting back to the gym. But wasn't he gymming enough in the Bigg Boss house? "Oh, but there weren't enough weights there," he says with a

giggle, adding, "But I got to learn a lot from Khali in that department."

Calling his stay in the house an enriching experience, Bhatt, son of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says, "I was myself on the show. Most importantly, I have no regrets about anything."

Not even about supporting Dolly Bindra? "No, I think she is much more genuine than most people in the house. She is straightforward and says everything on the face. However, I supported her on her being the kitchen captain; I didn't do the same when she and Shweta Tiwari fought."

"Veena Malik should get the award for doing all nautanki. She does nautanki walking around in her high heels." About the love triangle between Veena, Ashmit and Hrishant, he says, "You can use your own imagination. It is fake and concocted. They are being pretentious."

And what about Ali-Sara's upcoming wedding on the show? "Oh, God! That is another farce. It is a fake wedding. It's all drama. I tell you, they are not real people. Khali, Manoj, Aanchal and Dolly are the only real people in the show. Bhatt says that he initially had issues with Sakshi Pradhan because she was hitting on him. "She was coming on very strong. I am a reserved man and she got the message," he laughs.

And so, what's next? This has been an unconventional experience. I have realised that human beings are the most complex of all species. We spent so much time studying reptiles in school. We should instead study human beings." Bhatt, who had said no to his father's film to come for the show, says he has not planned anything yet. "I have just stepped out."
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