Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama\'s India visit: The Pak, China factor

New Delhi: As he touches down in India for the longest overseas visit of his Presidency, on top of Barack Obama\'s agenda will be a frank exchange of views on Af-Pak and the rise of China.

American officials say Washington sees a bigger role for India in the region, especially with US unease over China\'s growing assertiveness.

But will a stronger India-US relationship impact an already strained India-China relationship?

\"I don\'t see our relationship with the US affecting relations with China and vice versa. It is no longer a binary world or a zero sum game,\" said National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon.

There is a great degree of concern in India over Obama\'s Pakistan policy as well. The Obama administration depends deeply on the Pakistani army in an increasingly difficult war on terror. Fresh military aid worth two billion dollars has just been announced. Even Indian officials concede there is only so far America will go on terror.

\"He just finished a strategic dialogue with Pakistan. He has given them more aid and the message is clear: the Americans will maintain a balance between India and Pakistan,\" said Kanwal Sibal, a former foreign secretary.

It will certainly be a tightrope walk for Obama in India as he tackles New Delhi\'s unease over his Af-Pak policy and US concerns over China.

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