Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Navy to submit final report on Adarsh scam today

Mumbai: The Indian Navy will submit a final report on the Adarsh Housing Society Scandal, based on its internal inquiry, on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the navy has told the CBI that it had not given the security clearance for building this society. Agencies have quoted CBI sources saying that navy has written to the CBI saying that it did not issue the required notice for the construction of the building.

The Adarsh building looks over one of the fuel depots of the navy and also an army workshop. Hence, it could pose a security hazard for its height and therefore the building needed a notice and security clearance from the navy and the army.

The navy has launched an inquiry into finding out that who are those naval officers who own flats in the Adarsh society. It is expected that this report will be submitted early on Wednesday.

The navy has to find out which are the names of the flat owners who have shown that they belong to the navy and if they are benami transactions. Navy as well as the other agencies involved are looking into all possible angles to get to the bottom of this scam.

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