Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ludhiana Management Association wishes every citizen of the city and country Green, Happy and Prosperous Deepawali. LMA organized meeting of its members in which Mr. V.K. Goyal President Ludhiana Management Association, Dr. K.N.S.Kang, General Secretary, Ludhiana Management Association, Executive Members of the association were present. Considering the Issue of Global Warming it was decided in the meeting that the city should be made safe and pollution free this Diwali.

Mr. V.K.Goyal President Ludhiana Management Association while wishing Happy Diwali said that Diwali is known as festival of light, diyas and to chase away the darkness of ignorance and welcome the bright light of enlightenment. Mr Goyal said that children should not use crackers in this diwali. Fireworks/Crackers spoil our environment by causing noise and air pollution and also affect our health.Mr Goyal encouraged the people to follow the ways of making Diwali Green. He said that we should avoid electronic illumination and go for traditional lightening of earthen lamps and diyas, he said that Diwali is festival of giving and sharing gifts, in this case we should use organic gifts, encourage the use of eco friendly crackers. He further said that Diwali is family time. We all must take out sometime this Diwali and meet those elders and kids who have no families.

Dr. K.N.S.Kang General Secretary Ludhiana Management Association said that People should say no to crackers to make this Diwali free from air pollution. He said that Crackers leads to release of dangerous and harmful gases in the atmosphere which lead to air pollution. Dr. Kang further said that these harmful gases causes many diseases like irritation on skin, wounds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Throat Infection, eye burnings, dumbness etc. Patients of Asthma face lot of problem in breathing and ultimately they have to move to hilly areas where pollution levels are less. Every year the incidents of victims of these diseases are increasing rapidly. More over every year incidents of fire because of crackers in shops and markets leads to loss of valuable property, and precious lives of people. Dr Kang said that childrens should be educated and encouraged not to use the crackers this Diwali to make it more environmentally friendly.
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