Friday, November 12, 2010

GADVASU Scientist participated in the International Conference held at Canada

Dr. Manju Wadhwa, working in the Department of Animal Nutrition as Senior Biochemist participated in the 4th International Conference on "Greenhouse gases and animal agriculture (GGAA 2010)" held at Banff, Alberta, Canada. She presented four research papers on enteric methane production, which were highly appreciated by the delegates and one of her presentations was displayed on the web page of the GGAA-2010. The organizers invited Dr Wadhwa to submit one of her papers entitled "Effect of essential oils dissolved in different solvents on the in-vitro enteric methane production" for the special issue of Animal Feed Science and Technology-A Journal published by Elsevier Science Publishers. The conference got the overwhelming world wide response from the scientific community as indicated by the registration of about 400 delegates in the GGAA-2010. Dr Wadhwa was one of the three scientists from India who represented India in the conference. The aim of the conference was to develop strategies for the mitigation of enteric methane production-a major contributor in global warming. The scientists in GADVASU are committed to check the global warming contributed by livestock.
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