Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Koreas revive aviation hotline: ministry

SEOUL — Airport officials from South and North Korea re-established a hotline Monday following a proposal from the North, a South Korean official said.

\"The control centres in Pyongyang and Incheon completed a test call at 9 am,\" said unification ministry spokesman Chun Hae-Sung.

The North disconnected the line after the South announced reprisals against it in May following the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship.

The North vehemently denies involvement in the March sinking but in recent weeks has made some conciliatory gestures to its neighbour.

Chun said the South\'s civilian aircraft remain banned from the North\'s airspace.

There have never been scheduled flights between South and North.

But the airspace ban, first imposed last year and reimposed in May, means longer journey times and higher fuel bills for the South\'s carriers flying international routes.

\"The issue of using airspace is a separate matter that should be separately reviewed by our airline companies and related authorities,\" Chun said.

The spokesman said the North gave no reason for reconnecting the hotline but the South agreed to do so to ease air traffic control.

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